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Banner Engineering

Banner EngineeringBanner Engineering designs, manufactures and distributes photo eyes, sensors and associated products for industrial and process automation — worldwide.

Banner releases hundreds of innovative, new products every year and offers customized solutions to challenging applications — quickly and cost effectively.

Banner has more than 3,000 factory and field representatives around the world, as well as the largest force of application engineers in the industry. Millions of customers count on our highly skilled professionals to solve thousands of the most challenging applications every year.

Solutions For:
  • Photo eyes, fiber optic sensors, ultrasonic sensors
  • Wireless sensors, wireless monitoring control
  • Safety controllers, safety light screens, safety switches
  • Machine vision, vision sensors, vision lighting
  • Indicator lights

Featured Products

  • Banner LTF Laser Measurement Sensor
    Banner LTF Laser Measurement Sensor -Time of Flight Measurement Sensor

    -Ready to measure 50-12,000mm right out of the box

    -Fast Response Speed: 1.5ms

    -Offers a best in class combination of accuracy, repeatability, and range

    -Consistent detection of targets at an angle

    pdfBanner LFT Sensor 5.79 MB
  • Banner VE Smart Camera
    Banner VE Smart Camera An All-New Vision Platform from Banner Engineering

    VE Series Smart Cameras combine powerful inspection capabilities with ease-of-use to facilitate a quick setup and simplify device management.

    They use Vision Manager, Banner's free vision software suite offering an intuitive user interface, easy access to real-time inspection data, a PC emulator, and runtime editing.

    The VE Smart Camera is built to stand up to industrial environments and has many configuration options.Banner Logo 181x38

  • SI-Hinge Series Safety Switch
    SI-Hinge Series Safety Switch - Repositionable safety switch is integrated into a highly robust PBT housing and screwed onto the corrosion-resistant stainless steel or zinc die-cast hinge.
    - Stainless steel model can support an axial and radial load of 1800 N; Zinc die-cast can support 1200 N.
    - Right-hinge, left-hinge, and right-angle hinge models available; switches can also be converted to operate from the opposite side.
    - Switch components are protected from mechanical impact, for superior performance to actuator-activated safety switches; rated IEC IP67.
    - When properly interfaced or used with an appropriate controller, two SI-HG63 switches on an individual gate or guard can achieve safety category 4, per ISO 13849-1 (EN 954-1).
    Banner Logo 181x38
    pdfBanner SI-Hinge Series Safety Switch Information594.87 KB
  • Banner A-Guage EZ-ARRAY Series
    Banner A-Guage EZ-ARRAY Series The A-Guage EZ-Array series is a cost-effective, two-piece measuring light curtain designed for quick and simple installations with the sophistication to handle the toughest sensing applications

    -Excels at high-speed, precise process monitoring and inspection, profiling, and web-guiding applications

    -A comprehensive combination of scanning options:
    -14 measurement ("scan analysis") modes
    -3 scanning methods
    -Selectable beam blanking
    -Selectable continuous or gated scan initiation
    -Selectable threshold setting for semi-transparent applications

    -Software PC interface available for advanced configuration setup
    Banner Logo 181x38
    pdfBanner A-Guage EZ Array Series Information2.12 MB
  • Banner QT50U Ultrasonic Sensor
    Banner QT50U Ultrasonic Sensor

    The QT50U is a long range ultrasonic sensor with an extended sensing range of up to 8 meters. Its 200 mm minimum sensing distance is one of the industry's shortest for long range sensors.

    - Models are available with analog or discrete dc outputs as well as ac/dc universal voltage models with an electromechanical relay output.
    - Models are available that operate with low power on banner's sure-cross wireless network.
    - Configuration is easy via the two push buttons on the top of the sensor or through a remote TEACH wire.
    - An 8-pin dip switch is located on the back of the sensor and controls the response speed, echo loss controls, as well as temperature compensation for greatest sensing accuracy.
    Banner Logo 181x38

    pdfQT50U Brochure1.92 MB
    pdfQT50U Datasheet966.64 KB

  • Banner EZ Screen LS Light Curtain
    Banner EZ Screen LS Light Curtain

    Superior Performance: Intuitive, easy-to-use safety light screens for machine safeguarding, built to withstand challenging environments common to both manufacturing and packaging.

    • Alignment indicators are highly visible and intuitive diagnostics simplify setup, facilitate troubleshooting and streamline installation
    • No blind zone design provides end-to-end sensing to eliminate gaps in detection
    Heavy Duty
    • Metal end caps, thick aluminum housing and a recessed window to avoid damage from impact
    •Standard pairs, cascade systems and extensive accessories to suit a wide variety of safeguarding configurations
    Banner Logo 181x38

    pdfEZ Screen LS Brochure4.69 MB

  • Banner K90 Daylight Visible
    Banner K90 Daylight Visible

    These large lights are developed to allow more visibility in areas with high levels of ambient light or direct sunlight and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

    • Models are available with up to five colors in one device
    • Rugged IP67-rated design
    • 12 to 30 V dc operation
    • K90TFDL models alternate between colors when multiple inputs are active
    • K90FDL models have an auxiliary input line for flashing an active inputBanner Logo 181x38

    pdfDownload K90 Daylight Visible Information757.59 KB

  • Banner WLS27 LED Strip Light
    Banner WLS27 LED Strip Light

    Banner's WLS27 LED Strip Lights have sturdy internal aluminum structure, encased in shatterproof, UV-stabilized, polycarbonate shells, making them ideal for harsh indoor and outdoor applications.

    • Round shape makes them suitable for laminar airflow applications
    • Rugged, water-resistant IP66, IP67 and IP69K design
    • Daisy chain power to multiple lights
    • Capability to dim lights using the wiring pinout (Hi/Lo/Off)
    • Automatic temperature protection built into the unit extends the product life
    • Single- and dual-colored models available
    • Eight lengths available from 145 to 1130 mm
    • Available in 6 colors to meet your application needs
    Banner Logo 181x38

    pdfDownload WLS27 Information1.15 MB

  • Banner XS26-2 Expandable Safety Controller
    Banner XS26-2 Expandable Safety Controller

    The XS26-2 expandable safety controller is a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution that is scalable to suit your specific system safeguarding requirements. With the option to add up to eight I/O expansion modules, the safety system is designed to meet your needs today, but is flexible to grow with your future machine enhancements. Banner Logo 181x38

    pdfXS26-2 Expandable Safety Controller Brochure2.31 MB

  • SI-MAG Interlock Switches
    SI-MAG Interlock Switches Non-contact magnet style safety interlock switches are typically used on gates, doors, and guards in machine safeguarding applications that do not require a locking gate switch.

    Banner magnet style safety interlock switches are available in 3 different housing configurations. Flat rectangular housing, block style housing, and 30mm threaded barrel mounting.

    Banner Logo 181x38

  • Q4X Laser Distance Sensor
    Q4X Laser Distance Sensor

    Versatile, Rugged Laser Distance Sensor

    Superior Performance:
    Reliably detects sub-millimeter distance changes.
    Reliable measurement up to 300 mm across a variety of target colors, materials and surfaces with multiple sensing modes in one device.
    Robust housing rated to IP69K with FDA-grade stainless steel resists mechanical impact, over tightening and extreme vibration.
    Simplified user experience with a distance (mm) or analog (V or mA) readout from the angled four-digit display and easy setup with responsive buttons.

    Banner's new Q4X dual channel sensor can be configured with dual discrete outputs, providing a single sensor solution for applications such as high/low monitoring for fill level or dancer arms.
    Banner Logo 181x38
    pdfDownload Q4X Information3.6 MB

  • Q3X Laser Contrast Sensor
    Q3X Laser Contrast Sensor Versatile, Rugged Laser Contrast Sensor

    Now with fixed background suppression. This versatile, rugged laser contrast sensor is ready to solve your most challenging contrast based part detection applications.

    High-Speed Performance: Captures up to 2,000 events per second.
    Versatile: Solves challenging part-detection applications with small contrast differences.
    Durable: Rugged nickel-plated zinc housing suitable even in environments with cutting fluids and oils.
    Easy to Use: Simplified user experience with clear intensity readout from the angled three-digit display and easy setup with responsive buttons.

    Banner Logo 181x38

    pdfDownload Q3X Information2.51 MB
  • Banner SC26-2 Programmable Safety Controller
    SC26-2 Programmable Safety Controller

    SC26-2 Programmable Safety Controller:
    The Next Level in Machine Safety Control

    • Intuitive programming environment for easy implementation
    • Innovative live display feature and diagnostics assist in troubleshooting and commissioning
    • Base controller allows eight of the 26 inputs to be configured as outputs for efficient terminal utilization
    • Software included
    SC26-2 Programmable Safety Controller Safety Cage

    Intutive Software Included:
    SC26-2 Programmable Safety Controller - Intuitive Software Included


    Safety Outputs:
    2 Dual-Channel PNP

    Supply Voltage:
    24 V dc

    Inputs / Outputs:
    26 safety or non-safety inputs; 8 can be configured as outputs

    Performance Standards:
    Category 4, PL e per ISO 13849-1, SIL CL 3 per IEC 62061, SIL 3 per IEC 61508
    SC26-2 Programmable Safety Controller Dimensions

    Options: Target Equipment:



     SC26-2d with Display


     SC26-2e with Ethernet

     SC26-2de with Display and Ethernet

    Display & Ethernet
    Target Equipment

    • Welding Stations
    • Assembly Machines
    • Robotic Automation
    • End-Of-Line Packaging Equipment
    • Safety Retrofits

  • Banner PresencePlus P4 Sealed Omni
    Banner PresencePlus P4 Sealed Omni The PresencePLUS P4 OMNI and COLOR OMNI are now available in an IP68-rated housing for machine vision inspections in challenging industrial and washdown environments. Designed to withstand demanding conditions, the new one-piece sealed P4 models deliver the comprehensive suite of PresencePLUS inspection tools into environments that might normally challenge general vision products. The compact, robust sensor is suited for a wide variety of environments including automotive, assembly, food handling, printing, pharmaceutical and packaging.

    pdfBanner PresencePlus Sealed Omni Brochure 1.29 MB
  • Banner WL50 S High Intensity Work Spot Light
    Banner WL50 S High Intensity Work Spot Light The 316 stainless steel versions of the WL50S family were developed for lighting in extremely harsh conditions. Applications range from machine centers to food and pharmaceutical production equipment. The rugged IP69K rated design can withstand high pressure wash down and is resistant to corrosion by most chemicals.
  • Banner Easy Light K50L Indication Lighting
    Banner Easy Light K50L Indication Lighting Machine Status Indication - The EZ-LIGHT K50L, with a smooth rounded design and IP67/IP69K rating, provides worry-free status indication

    pdfBanner Engineering EZ-Light Brochure 3.29 MB
  • Banner QS30 Photoelectric Sensor
    Banner QS30 Photoelectric Sensor Banner's mid-size QS30 photoelectric sensors work well for position sensing applications and process automation with a much larger sensing range and optimal detection. Several sensing modes are available with an opposed mode sensing range up to 60 m.

    pdfBanner WorldBeam Family Brochure2.64 MB
    pdfBanner QS30 Adjustable Field Brochure2.39 MB
  • Banner Industrial Task Lights
    Banner Industrial Task Lights Banner's LED lighting offers high-quality, energy-efficient products that provide bright illumination for up to 50,000 hours. Robust, vibration-resistant housings and sleek designs make Banner's LED lighting ideal for a wide range of industrial and mobile applications, including machine lighting, enclosure lighting, visual inspection illumination and work cell lighting.

    pdfBanner WLA Work Lights Product Guide4.05 MB
    pdfWLA Datasheet1.34 MB
  • Banner Engineering SC22 Safety Controller
    Banner Engineering SC22 Safety Controller The SC22-3E is a flexible, easy-to-configure safety module solution from Banner. It provides configurable monitoring of multiple safety devices including E-stop buttons, interlocking switches, safety light screens, two-hand controls, muting, safety mats and rope pull switches. The controller has 3 pairs of independent solid-state safety outputs and configurable auxiliary outputs for tracking inputs, outputs, lockout, I/O status and other functions. This single module reduces the complexity of interfacing multiple safety functions and devices. The front panel control for configuration and real-time system status without a PC. The SC22-3E meets Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 per IEC 62061 and IEC 61508, and Category 4 Performance Level (PL e) per ISO 13849-1.

    pdfBanner Engineering SC22-3E Catalog.pdf429.49 KB
  • Banner Engineering EZ-ARRAY Product Family
    Banner Engineering EZ-ARRAY Product Family Used for applications that include edge and center guiding, loop tension control, hole sizing, parts counting and on-the-fly product sizing and profiling. Closely spaced infrared beams detect objects as small as 5 mm wide; edge resolution is 2.5 mm. The controller functionality is built into the receiver, so basic setup requires no controller, software or PC. The emitter / receiver range is 4 meters and array heights range from 150 to 2400 mm.

    The High-Resolution MINI-ARRAY excels at high speed, precise process monitoring and inspection applications. Available heights range from 163 to 1951 mm. Closely spaced beams detect objects as small as 2.5 mm. The emitters and receivers can be spaced up to 1.8 m apart. The controllers can be configured for a variety of measurement modes, scan modes and output configurations.

    The MINI-ARRAY is a low-profile light screen pairs designed for profiling and inspections. The emitter / receiver pair are available in heights ranging from 133 to 1819 mm. Depending on the model's beam spacing, the array detects objects as small as 19 to 38 mm. Emitters and receivers can be up to 6 m apart or up to 17 m apart, epending on model. Configuration options include blanking, sensitivity and scanning mode. Controllers are available with DeviceNet™ compatible output.

    pdfBanner Measuring Arrays2.39 MB
  • Banner Light Curtains and Safety Products
    Banner Light Curtains and Safety Products Banner produces a wide range of safety-related products—including safety light screens, safety interlock switches, e-stop modules and two-hand control safety modules—that protect personnel and equipment.

    pdfBanner Light Curtains Pages4.55 MB
  • Banner QM26 Washdown Sensor
    Banner QM26 Washdown Sensor For applications in your plant's toughest washdown environment—ideal for areas where food or materials may come in contact with the sensor without returning to the processing line.

    pdfBanner QM26 Washdown Flyer688.82 KB
    pdfBanner QM26 Datasheet854.52 KB
  • Banner K50 Touch Series
    Banner K50 Touch Series The K50 Touch Series is a versatile family that combines a large, bright indicator with solid-state switching capability activated by a simple touch. Ideal for lean manufacturing and bin-picking operations.

    pdfBanner K50 Touch Product Flyer1.04 MB
    pdfBanner K50 Touch Datasheet349.35 KB
  • Banner Q45UR Ultrasonic Sensor
    Banner Q45UR Ultrasonic Sensor The Q45UR remote head ultrasonic sensor has solved many challenging applications where the criterion of acceptable and not acceptable is judged based on distance from the sensor. Because an ultrasonic sensor processes signals based on distance to an identified surface, it is not affected by variations in target color. Provided the target presents enough surface area to reflect sound energy back to the sensor head, it need not be precisely aligned within the radiation pattern in the X & Y axis allowing for variations in part and tooling position related to the process.
  • Banner TM18 Photoelectric Sensor
    Banner TM18 Photoelectric Sensor This compact photoelectric sensor is suitable for heavy duty service. The all-metal (nickel-plated die cast zinc), mechanically robust construction is ideal on conveyors or on machines in washdown environments and IP69K applications. The housing is designed with an 18mm threaded barrel mount and integral metal QD.

    pdfTM18 Product Brochure609.23 KB
    pdfTM18 Technical Datasheet302.24 KB
  • Banner TL50 EZ-Light
    Banner TL50 EZ-Light The TL50 Universal AC Voltage version is a strategic expansion to the existing TL50 Tower Light series. Rugged, cost-effective, and easy-so-install; these multi-segment indicators also available with audible alarm, provide highly visible indication in areas with high levels of ambient light requiring AC voltage.

    pdfBanner TL50 Product Guide4.44 MB
    pdfBanner TL50 High Output Datasheet576.98 KB
    pdfBanner TL50 Standard Datasheet567.59 KB
  • Banner iVu Image & Bar Code Reader (BCR) Sensors
    Banner iVu Image & Bar Code Reader (BCR) Sensors Robust yet easy-to-use self-contained vision sensors perform automated inspections that previously required costly and complex vision systems.

    pdfBanner iVu Product Guide3.08 MB
    pdfBanner iVu Image Sensor Datasheet708.21 KB
  • Banner QM26 & QMH26
    Banner QM26 & QMH26 Banner is introducing the QM26 and QMH26, a 316 stainless steel product, designed to serve the food and pharmaceutical industry where plastic sensors are not acceptable. Food and Drug safety concerns have introduced a market need for a more cleanable product that can stand up to hot high pressure and chemical wash down. Exposed threads and crevices that are difficult to clean and sanitize on food and pharmaceutical production equipment are closely scrutinized by field inspectors. Both models provide a beyond rugged and cleanable alternative designed for the harshest of washdown environments. It includes a coaxial polarized retro reflective option for clear object detection and excellent back ground suppression models. The QMH26 model is hygienically designed, featuring smooth stainless surfaces and a self draining housing shape.
  • Banner SureCross Wireless Products
    Banner SureCross Wireless Products

    The Banner® SureCross® Wireless System is an industrial wireless I/O network that can operate in extreme environments and eliminate the need for costly wiring. The most basic SureCross sensor network includes a Gateway system controller and one or more Nodes that monitor and/or control I/O in remote locations.

    Nodes are deployed throughout a facility for gathering sensor data. This sensor data is then transmitted back to the Gateway. Installation is fast and easy with flexible mounting and power options. Some Nodes must be powered by 10 to 30V dc, whereas FlexPower® Nodes may be powered by solar panels or battery packs, often with a multi-year battery life while also providing power for external sensors.

    pdfBanner Wireless Products Guide.pdf3.92 MB

  • Banner Duo-Touch Run Bar
    Banner Duo-Touch Run Bar

    Ergonomic and robust solution for two-hand control actuation and safeguarding when interfaced with DUO-TOUCH SG Two-Hand Control Modules. Accessories include floor and free-mounting stand, EZ-LIGHT indicators and optional mounting brackets.
    • Provides a convenient and economical means for two-hand control actuation when interfaced with DUO-TOUCH SG Two-Hand Control Modules or comparable control systemsBanner Logo 181x38
    • Offers ergonomic design for reduced hand, wrist and arm stress
    • Constructed of robust, 13-gauge cold-rolled steel
    • Includes two diverse-redundant microcontroller-based photoelectric STB optical touch buttons with continuous internal self-checking

    pdfDuo Touch Run Bar Brochure844.67 KB

  • Banner EZ-Screen Low-Profile Type 4 Light Curtains
    Banner EZ-Screen Low-Profile Type 4 Light Curtains • Features space saving design to fit perfectly into machinery
    • Offered with 14 & 25 mm resolution
    Options Available:
    • Reduced resolution and fixed blanking
    • Operates in ranges up to 7 m
    • Resists impact, twisting and abusive environments with a durable aluminum housing and metal endcaps
    • Offers optional cascading to create up to a four sensor system that issues a single stop command

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