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ExlarExlar Corporation designs and manufactures roller screw linear actuators, rotary servo motors, and electronic products for motion control applications.

Exlar's patented actuator technology offers many times the life of ball screw actuators and provides an efficient electro-mechanical replacement for your hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. These digitally controlled products offer several advantages over other technologies.

Solutions For:
  • Electric Linear Actuators
  • Electric Rotary Actuators
  • Component Roller Screws

Featured Products

  • Exlar
    ExlarExlar is a company that designs and manufactures industrial grade electric actuators. They produce a unique and robust replacement to hydraulic, pneumatic, and similar ball screw actuators. With their extensive range of products they can provide a reliable solution to almost any motion application. Providing forces up to 40,000 lbs and speeds up to 60 in/sec, their products can be the perfect fit for an all electric solution!

    What Set's Them Apart? Exlar's Roller Screw

    Exlar Roller ScrewTypical linear screws operate on the concept of ball bearings. Each bearing travels through channels throughout the ball screw. Due to design the number of contact points are limited to the ball size. With Exlar's roller screw design there is much more contact surface compared to your typical ball screw design. The difference is, in roller screws there are multiple threaded helical rollers which are assembled in a planetary fashion around a threaded shaft. This is what converts rotary motion into linear motion.

    This in turn gives you more surface area for higher forces and improved stiffness. With the high load capacities you also get high life expectancy, in most cases 15 times longer than similar sized ball screws. Another advantage of roller screws is higher speed capabilities. Typical ball screw speeds are limited to 2000 rpm or less due to balls colliding with each other as it rotates within the race. The planetary roller screws do not have any ball bearings, but are in fixed journals thus allowing for higher speeds. Most planetary roller screws can operate at speeds up to 5000 RPM.

    K & FT Series

    K & FT SeriesRoller Screw Coupled With Your Own Servo

    The K and FT series actuators both use roller screw technology and coupled with your preference of servo motor. This solution provides ultimate ease in installation because you can use your own preference of servo motor and drive. Servo motors can be mounted either in a parallel configuration or inline for a streamline fit. The FT Series actuators can provide lengths from 4 - 96 inches of stroke and forces up to 40,000 lbs.

    The FT series provide high load capacity along with high speed for long life as compared to other actuator technologies. The K Series are designed to allow for multiple grades to best fit your application or budget. Built on the same roller screw technology, these actuators can still adapt to various types of motors. These actuators can also be provided in a number of coatings and materials to fit your application needs. Standard lengths can go up to 48" and provided forces up to 3500 lbf.

    GSX & GSM Series

    GSX GSM SeriesElectric Linear Actuators

    The GSX and GSM series actuators offer the same reliable roller screw technology but offer an integrated servo motor in one unit. These units are not a separate mechanical screw and servo motor, but a patented inverted roller screw built into a servo motor. A compact package that provides the precision of a servo motor and power of a linear actuator integrated into one. They offer a true direct drive because magnets are directly bonded to the planetary roller screw. This allows for very accurate and repeatable forces and eliminates the inefficiency of gears and couplings. Each actuator can be customized to the users preference. You just specify what servo drive you are using and Exlar will do the rest. Everything from specific feedback to third party cable connections allow this actuator to operate with almost anybodies drive. Strokes available from 3-18" and thrust forces from 0 - 11,528 lbf depending on selection. With the flexibility of a variety of mounting configurations, housings, and coatings, this actuator can be used in a wide variety of applications.

    Tritex Series

    Tritex II SeriesServo, Driver, Positioners All-In-One

    Tritex linear products offer an all in one package including servo drive, digital positional and electric servo actuator. Units can be completely standalone saving panel space and can operate with or without a PLC. With Exlar's FREE programming software, these units can be up and running in minutes. 16 preset positions can be programmed and simply called using its on-board digital inputs. A position can also be obtained by simply providing it with an 4-20ma or 0-10V analog signal. Torque control allows the actuators to apply a set amount of torque for ultimate controllability. These units can come in a variety of voltages from 12-48VDC, providing forces up to 1000 lbs continuous and 1300 lbs peak and speeds up to 33 in/sec. AC packages can operate from 100-240VAC and provide forces up to 3600 lbs of force and 7200 lbs peak and speeds up to 33 in/sec. Additional features include Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, Profinet (future protocols will include HART and CANopen) allows for ultimate control and feedback from your PLC if desired.

    Same features also available in rotary for standalone servo systems!

    SLM & SLG Rotary Motors

    SLM & SLG SeriesServo Motors

    With their brushless motor technology, Exlar provides high torque in a small package. Frames are available from 60mm to 180mm. Similar to the Tritex series, they can offer servos from 24VDC-48VDC and 115VAC - 460VAC. Customizable connectors and feedback to connect to your favorite servo drive, otherwise use the SV Series for valve control with simple 4-20ma and -10 - + 10VDC analog signals. The SLG series, with
    integrated gears, can provide high torque without worrying about installation of an external gearbox. For your Class 1, Division 1 environments, use their ER series servo motors and EXP-24 explosion proof positioner.
  • Exlar Tritex II Linear Actuator
    Exlar Tritex II Linear Actuator The Tritex II Series actuators integrate an AC and DC powered servo drive, digital position controller, brushless motor and linear actuator in one elegant, compact, sealed package. Now you can distribute motion control and solve your application with one integrated device. Simply connect power, I/O, communications and go!

    pdfTritex II AC Brochure4.3 MB
  • Exlar Linear Actuator
    Exlar Linear Actuator Exlar linear actuators are used throughout the process control industry for the positioning of flow control devices such as globe valves, gate valves, rotary valves, and dampers. Exlar utilize roller screw technology that provides several advantages over the traditional pneumatic, hydraulic or spur gear drives.  High precision, speed, repeatability, and long life are just a few of the advantages of the Exlar linear actuators.

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