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Omron PYF/P2RF Push-in Relay Sockets

The new PYF-PU and P2RF-PU are push-in terminal sockets designed to complement the existing PYF and P2RF screw terminal sockets.

•With push-in termination, no tools are required for installation which decreases installation time.

•Wiring time is reduced by 60% compared to traditional screw type terminals.

•Support many of the same products as PYF and P2RF series, plus the new line of H3Y and H3YN timers
These sockets also include an integral lock/release lever, saving time and component count.

These relay sockets are part of Omron’s Value design products line of panel building components.omron 200
These sockets, along with new timers, counters, IO blocks, PLC’s, and Power supplies have been designed with a unified height and depth to save panel space and possibly reduce overall panel size.

Using this unified height allows you to optimize the space in between wiring ducts, also allowing for better heat flow.



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