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Product Highlight

  • Omron Adept Lynx AIV
    Omron Adept Lynx AIV • Simplifies payload integration / small mobile platform

    • Senses people and unanticipated obstructions

    • Easily reconfigures facility or machine layouts

    • Easily deployed, no facilities modifications required

    • Localizes via a virtual map (MobileEyes)

    • Transports up to 60kg with runtime of over 19 hours/day
    omron adept 200
    • Easily configured and scalable fleets

    pdfOmron Adept Lynx Information1.12 MB
  • ABB ACS550 Variable Frequency Drive
    ABB ACS550 Variable Frequency Drive General purpose drives are ideal in those situations where there is a need for simplicity to install, commission and use and where customizing or special product engineering is not required. The drives include several features as standard, such as swinging choke, EMC filter and control panel. 

    Energy efficiency achieved with general purpose drives can be easily monitored using the built-in counters, which display energy savings in kilowatt hours, carbon dioxide emissions or local currencies.

    pdfABB ACS550 Information263.33 KB

  • ABB Spot 10 Safety Light Beam
    ABB Spot 10 Safety Light Beam The Spot 10 is a single point beam system consisting of an emitter and receiver pair. It is mainly used for body detection at the entrance to or around a hazardous area.

    Create your own light grid with minimal cabling and only one safety control module: up to 6 beams can be connected in series to a Vital while maintaining PL e.

    Spot 10 is very compact and therefore easy to place.

    pdfABB Spot 10 Information648.5 KB
  • Omron Adept Viper s1700D
    Omron Adept Viper s1700D The Adept Viper™ s1700D six-axis robot is a high-performance articulated robot designed for material handling, packaging, machine tending, and many other operations requiring fast and precise automation. The robust and rigid Viper s1700D offers a long reach of 1.7 m with a payload capacity of 20 kg.

    •V+ real-time multitasking operating system
    •Programming software AdeptWindows or Adept Desktop
    •High-resolution encoders provide high-precision and superior slow-speed performance
    pdfOmron Adept Viper s1700D.pdf1.13 MB
  • Omron D40ML Magnetic Locking Safety Switch
    Omron D40ML Magnetic Locking Safety Switch • RFID provides a high degree of tamper resistance. Magnetic and keyed type door switches can be easy to defeat; unique coding makes it virtually impossible

    • LEDs support easy fault diagnosis

    • Install up to 20 switches in series

    • Residual magnetism acts as light duty door latch after unlocking

    • Stainless steel versions rated IP69K suitable for clean/sanitize in place
    pdfOmron D40ML Datasheet.pdf1.3 MB
  • ABB Direct Torque Control
    ABB Direct Torque Control Why use DTC?
    Superior torque response is just one feature of DTC.

    The technology offers further customer benefits, including:
    - No need for motor speed or position feedback in 95% of applications. Thus, installation of costly encoders or other feedback devices can be avoided.
    - DTC control is available for different types of motors, including permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance motors.
    - Accurate torque and speed control down to low speeds, as well as full startup torque down to zero speed.
    - Excellent torque linearity.
    - High static and dynamic speed accuracy.
    - No preset switching frequency. Optimal transistor switching is determined for every control cycle, allowing the drive to more readily match driven load requirements.
    pdfDownload DTC Information.pdf1.7 MB
  • Omron S8VK-G Power Supplies
    Omron S8VK-G Power Supplies -Reliable and Easy Operation

    -Resistant in tough environments

    -Easy and fast installation

    -The most compact class of power supplies on the market

    -Power Rating of 15w to 480w

    -Input voltage: Single Phase 100 to 240 Volts AC and 90 to 350 Volts DC

    -5 Year Warranty
    pdfDownload S8VK-G Information7.21 MB
  • Omron Adept Cobra 800 Inverted
    Omron Adept Cobra 800 Inverted The Adept Cobra™ s800 Inverted SCARA robot is an affordable, high-performance overhead mounting SCARA robot system for mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tending, and screw driving. 

    It is ideal for mounting above a conveyor belt, increasing the footprint efficiency. Adept Cobra s-Series robots include the Adept SmartController™ motion controller, which provides performance capabilities unmatched in the industry.

    pdfOmron Adept Cobra s800 Inverted Robot2.98 MB

  • Banner LTF Laser Measurement Sensor
    Banner LTF Laser Measurement Sensor -Time of Flight Measurement Sensor

    -Ready to measure 50-12,000mm right out of the box

    -Fast Response Speed: 1.5ms

    -Offers a best in class combination of accuracy, repeatability, and range

    -Consistent detection of targets at an angle

    pdfBanner LFT Sensor 5.79 MB
  • Omron D4SL-N Interlock Switch
    Omron D4SL-N Interlock Switch •The D4SLN is designed to reduce installation time for both mechanical mounting and electrical hook-up

    •The D4SLN is a compact mechanical interlock switch that is available in either a mechanical locking or solenoid locking version

    •A broad range of contact configurations are available for the safety contacts, door monitoring contacts and solenoid monitoring contacts

    pdfOmron D4SL-N Safety Switch.pdf637.87 KB

    omron 200
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