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Agriculture Applications

Variable frequency drives are used to control three phase electric motors. They are used in agriculture and irrigation to control the speed of fans and electric pumps in various applications. Due to a wide range of conditions, irrigation pumps do not need to run at full speed at all times. VFD's allow pumps to run at lower rpms and on a schedule, which will save energy, water, and be more efficient.
Center arm pivot irrigation systems are used throughout the Midwest to minimize water use and ensure crop health. Because the sections of the center pivot assembly have to move at different speeds, the motors moving each section must be monitored to verify each section is moving at the proper speed and time.  With a SureCross wireless network, center pivot irrigation system motors can be monitored without compromising any existing equipment.

If any motors fail or a section does not rotate properly, the crops will not be irrigated correctly or the irrigation system may become damaged. Early detection of such failures is important to both the machinery and the crops.  With a SureCross wireless network, center pivot irrigation systems can be tracked without compromising any existing equipment.

A Node mounted at each joint can monitor the motor switches. When a pivot section has failed to move properly, a signal is sent to a Gateway mounted at a central control station.  When using a Gateway Pro or host system to collect data, a text message or e-mail can be used to notify maintenance personnel that a section of the pivot assembly has stopped working properly.
Wirelessly monitor "rub block" temperature for side-to-side conveyor belts. By monitoring both sides of the conveyor belt and at both ends of the conveyor, the operator will know whether the conveyor is tracking properly. RTD sensors will monitor temperature increases from misaligned belts causing friction on the rub blocks, warning operators of potentially hazardous situations.
Your livestock is your livelihood. Being able to monitor the conditions that your livestock inhabits will give you peace of mind that your livelihood is safe. Temperature monitoring in a livestock facility ensures optimum conditions or minimizes the loss of life during an equipment failure or weather changes. Using a wireless temperature and humidity node will enable you to monitor conditions in remote locations and warn you when conditions are not ideal and could lead to loss of life.
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