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NIC Inductive Coupler

Wear-free operation:
Inductive coupling is absolutely wear-free thus maintenance intervals can be extended, unplanned downtime reduced, and higher click speeds achieved. Maintenance intervals can be extended, unplanned downtime reduced and higher clock speeds achieved.

Powerful coupler series:
The coupler sets consist of a primary unit on the controller side and a secondary unit on the sensor/actuator side of the connection. The NIC couplers transfer up to 8 PNP switch signals and up to 500 milliamperes of current with an output of 12 watts. The primary units are connected via a four-pole M12 male connector or a 30cm pigtail with a twelve-pole M12 connector. The secondary unit has a 30cm pigtail with a four-pole M12 connector. With a length of 80 millimeters, the Turck couplers are the most compact devices in the M30 housing.

Three Variants- IO-Link included:
The inductive couplers can be connected as easily as a plug connection. The basic system can transfer without contact two PNP switch signals via a simple VB2 splitter behind the secondary coupler. The air gap here can be up to 7 millimeters apart.
The same system consisting of primary and secondary coupler can also be used to transfer signals from IO-Link-Capable measuring sensors. This allows bidirectional IO-Link communication including all IO-Link features such as parameter setting and diagnostic data.
The third solution varian is used when more than two signals are to be transferred: In this case, the IO-Link protocol is used to transfer up to eight switch signals.

Operational in 10 milliseconds

Diagnostics with metal detection:
Besides the eight PNP signals the system also provides 2 poles for diagnostic signals. One signal indicates the presence of the secondary unit, the second is used for foreign object detection. If any metal foreign objects such as iron chippings fall between the primary and the secondary coupler and reduce transmission quality, the fault signal is sent to the controller so that the error source can be located immediately.

7 millimeter air interface:
With a maximum air interface of 7 millimeters they offer the largest distance of all inductive couplers in this housing style. The devices are immune to shock and twisting of primary and secondary units. The coupler systems can also be mounted at an angle to each other. With a 4 millimeter gap between each other an angle of up to 15 degrees is possible.

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